Airport Bookings

If my flight is late will I be charged extra?
If your flight is late then there are no waiting charges. Our operations team track customer flights to ensure our drivers arrive on time and allow up to 45 minutes of free waiting after the flight has landed. Please not however that any delays at immigration, customs or duty free shops are not the responsibility of Dunstable Minibus Hire and in which case waiting charges will apply.
Where will my driver meet me at the Airport?
Every airport has different rules regarding picking up passengers from arriving flights. Please ensure you are fully aware of the rules regarding pick up and have clarified where to meet the driver upon making your booking.
I've got a lot of luggage, can you accommodate for this?
When making your booking it is imperative that you give as much information regarding how much luggage you will be carrying on the day as possible. We would then be able to advice accordingly to ensure you book a suitable vehicle and avoid issues on the day of collection.

Booking & Making Changes

What if I would like to make a change to my booking?
Ideally we would require for you to provide us as much notice as possible and contact us via the dedicated support line provided when booking with us or by contacting us online.
Can I hire and drive your minibus?
Sorry we do not provide self-drive hire services.
Why do I have to pay a deposit at the time of booking?
Paying a deposit with bookings at the time of reservation is a common practise throughout the minibus industry. Our booking are all taken in advance and therefore we need some commitment from our customers to ensure that they are not likely to cancel at the last minute. In some cases when making a cancellation you may loose your deposit, please ensure that you read section 9 in our Terms & Conditions so that you are fully aware of this prior to making a booking.
Do you take deposits up-front?
As a reputable minibus hire service established for a number of years, all our deposits are paid via electronic transfers ensuring both parties a proof of transaction. In the unlikely event that there is no transport provided by Dunstable Minibus Hire, you will be fully refunded – Terms & Conditions apply.
What are your waiting charges?
Our waiting charges differ between bookings. Please see our waiting charge table in the Terms & Conditions section of our site.
What if I have more people than I put on my booking?
On the day we provide a vehicle based on information that is acquired at the time of your booking. The vehicle will be fitted seats to accommodate for at the least your booking request, so if this is the case please ensure you let us know of any changes with the number of passengers as soon as possible.
What are your cancellation charges?
Please refer to section 9 of our Terms & Conditions for our cancellation charges.
Can we add multiple stops to our journey?
Our operations team ensure that all journeys are planned carefully to make sure there is no unease caused by delays. Therefore we recommend making all additional pick-ups and drop-off information available when booking or at least with enough notice. We cannot guarantee requests made at the time of travelling to make additional stops to be accepted.

During the Journey

Is alcohol permitted on your buses?
Dunstable Minibus Hire discourages alcohol being onboard company minibuses, however on certain occasions allow drinking provided a £75 refundable drink deposit is provided at the start of the journey. The deposit will only be refunded if there are no spillages or damage incurred on the vehicle by customers and all bottles/cans have been removed at the end of the journey.
Can we listen to our own music on the bus?
Certainly, most of our vehicles are fitted with USB, AUX inputs and CD players connected to the stereo.

Vehicles & Fleet

What's the difference between your standard and executive minibuses?
Please refer to our fleet section of the site to find out more about the different types of vehicles we provide for hire.
How old are your vehicles?
All vehicles within the Dunstable Minibus Hire fleet are relatively new and special in their own way. As a matter of principle we avoid using vehicles more than 7 years old.